Nail Polish improvisations

Hi guys! This is me takin a break from revision to post a blog… As you do…
We all know how important nails are to our beauty regime, either females or males. A good paint job can have you feeling like a Naomi Campbell or a Tyson Beckford. A bad one? Like an extra from Roots.
Between revising for my numerous exams and maintaining the illusion that I’m still aiming for a first class (sorry mum), I decided to paint my finger nails 💅. Good stress buster by the way. Boys can also partake in a manicure when life gets stressful.

Now I wanted a salon looking paint job on my chromes but didn’t want to shell out the extra £20 to get it done professionally (after splurging £200 on a new sound system and £60 on designer lipstick)#priorities.
Dilemma. How do I achieve this? By doing it myself obviously you cry!
Making good use of my NUS card in the nail polish section of Superdrug I bought the lovely colours below:


From left to right: Rimmed London nail base and top coat, Rimmel London 60 seconds Super shine in 'Black out', Rimmel London 60 second Super shine in 'Rapid Ruby', Maybelline Colour Show in Sugar crystals

Obviously we all know how to paint nails so I won’t bore you with how to hold the brush and stuff like that. You can see my Clinical Biochemistry notes in the background 😎 🌚🌚😭🚫
The order in which I used the Polish above was:

-Base Coat, Black Out, Sugar Crystals, Top Coat
-Base Coat, Rapid Ruby, Sugar crystals, Top Coat


Close-up of the finished product

I painted all the nails black except the fourth finger to give the impression of salon acrylic nails.
The nail pictures were taken almost 5 days after painting them and from the pictures we can see the Polish still going strong 💪💅.



The sugar crystals polish is what makes this paint job work as it adds shine and an illusion of texture to the nails. Not bad for something that took half an hour to finish.